Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Nemesis - Cut Worms

It may be too early in the garden for all but the hardiest of plants - but apparently it's not too early for cut worms.

I thought perhaps the strong flavour of garlic might keep our precious first plantings safe - but it is not so. These little cut worms seem to love garlic as much as we do. But not to worry, Aidan is on the case. He squishes them one by one between his fingers while taunting me for requiring two rocks to do the same task.

We have tried putting a protective collar around young seedlings (an old container with bottom cut out pushed 2 inches into the soil around the seedling). This technique seems to work as long as you don't accidentally trap the worms inside the collar! We usually take the collar off later in the season when the cutworms have gone and the plants are hardy.

Another technique is to plant an extra row. We plant one row for us, one row for Winnipeg Harvest and one row for the cut worms. Let's hope they follow the plan and don't destroy our entire crop.

At least they give us something to do while we're waiting to plant some more!


Getty Stewart said...


anne said...

Thanks for the credit on the TP collars, Getty. It does work. We've used it for our onions for years, (and we're still eating last year's onions). This was after I lost over 100 little onions to cutworms one year. Never again!

Nice blog! Another fellow gardener: Annie Janzen, told me the other day that she heard from Manitoba's aboriginal people that the time to plan potatoes is when the poplars get their leaves - well, the poplars are getting their leaves. So let's plant potatoes!

Anne Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your potatoes. If only we could put collars on them to protect them from the potato beetles!