Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Rain

At last it is raining.  The garden needs it and the neighbourhood could use a good wash too.  Despite the cooler temperatures, the rain is a welcome sight.

Perhaps we should have seeded some cold weather crops to take advantage of the rain.  Oh well, next week for sure.

When to plant is a favourite topic of discussion among us gardeners.  The are many people who are adamant that there's no need to rush and to wait until May long weekend (our last average day of frost).  Others follow the phases of the moon and do not plant until the first full moon after the last frost.  Some strictly follow the advice of the Farmer's Almanac.  And some use the life cycle of plants and animals (phenology) to guide their planting - (eg. plant carrots when the first leaves of lilacs come out).

We're not strict followers of any of those practices, we plant when we think it's right and when time permits.  But, we will heed our own advice scribbled in last year's handwritten garden journal -  "don't plant too early!" 

So far, I've held off buying seeds, knowing full well that if they were in our possession right now, I'd be down at the garden plot seeding rather than writing this blog.

The rains will keep us at bay for just a few more days.  But we'll be planting the minute the soil can be worked!

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