Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cutworms in Our Tomatoes

How many more plants must die?  When will the carnage end?

On Thursday, Aidan and I planted 24 tomato plants. By Saturday, we had lost 5 of them to cutworms. That's a 20% loss! It was time to cuff 'em. The tomatoes that is, not the cutworms.

We brought out a variety of wide rimmed containers such as yogurt tubs, coffee tins and large protein powder tubs and cut the bottom off so they resemble large collars. We moved some of the soil from around each tomato plant, checked it for worms (we found 3), placed the collar over the tomato and sunk the collar about 2 inches into the ground.

A better technique would have been to follow the lead of our fellow gardeners and put the collars in at the same time as planting the transplants.  Maybe we'll try that next year and see if we can avoid any loss.

Here's what our tomato patch looks like now.

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