Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garden Rows - Learning from the Kids

In less than an hour at the garden, my kids challenged me to reconsider my preconceived notions about garden rows.

1.  Rows don't need to be straight.
Sorry Dad, but I'm with my kids on this one.  Why stress out about perfectly straight rows, the plants don't mind, so why should we.  Wavy rows, here we come!

2. Rows don't need to be planted with just one thing.
Melanie taught me this the other night when she wanted to plant only 4 beet seeds.  I was horrified and exclaimed " You can't just plant 4 seeds, you have to fill the row!"  To which she said, "But Mom, I just want four beets and I want to plant other things too."  So, she has 4 beet seeds and room for more of the things she loves. Makes sense to me.

3.  You don't even need rows.
Okay, this might be going too far.  I can let go of having straight rows, I can even let go of rows having just one type of veggie - but not planting in rows at all!  Sorry, I can't abandon my rows.  As for the kids - well, if they want to be "wild and crazy" and put seeds in unique patterns in their own 3'x4' space then why not!

What are your thoughts on garden rows?

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