Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Patch of Carrots

Carrots - pull 'em out of the ground, wipe off as much dirt as you can and start munching. Mmm!

We love them, but they can be tricky to grow in our clay soil.  Last year, while we did end up with some good looking carrots, we had to reseed a few times.  

For most seeds, we just put them in the ground, cover them with soil and forget about them (watering if we get a chance).  Carrots, we've discovered, require just a little more TLC.  

This year, after some discussion with our fellow gardeners, we decided to plant a patch of carrots in a slightly raised, well worked bed.  

We made a 2 to 3 foot bed of mixed top soil and sand.  We mixed it thoroughly with the layer of composted manure that we brought into the garden last fall.  By the time we were done, it was the smoothest, lightest, fluffiest bed we've ever had.  We sprinkled on our seed, covered the seed with a thin layer of top soil, tapped it lightly with a rake and then watered it.  Once that was done , we covered it with a thin layer of straw mulch to keep the moisture in.

We think it's an ideal carrot bed - we're just hoping the carrots agree!

We planted Coreless Scarlet Nantes and McKenzie Purple Haze on May 14.

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