Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cabbage Root Fly/Maggot Control

The news is not good. Getting rid of our cabbage root maggot problem is not going to be easy.  Apparently, they're tough to beat once they're in your garden.

It seems that a floating row cover is the way to go if you want a healthy cole crop.  These row covers provide a physical barrier to prevent damage from flea beetles, cabbage root flies and cabbage white butterflies.  The theory is that if the flying insects can't get near the plant to lay eggs or eat the plant, there's no worry.  Ideally,  these covers should go on immediately after planting cabbage transplants.  Oops, we'll know better next year.

This also explains the row covers we see in other gardeners' plots. Guess they've been there, done that!

Lee Valley has a floating row cover (7' x 50') for $19.95.  Other gardening centres probably have them too.

For more info, check out some of these links.
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We'll have to go back to the plot soon to ensure we killed what we can and count how many plants are left to save.


takaeko said...


I happened to reach your blog through searching blogs by vegetable-lovers like me.

I live in Osaka,Japan and I and my wife started vegetable farming 2 years ago in a community farm garden near to my house and have experiences in glowing cabbage,egg-plants,and kinds of veges.

I also had trouble in get rid of maggots
crawling between cabbage leaves.

My solution was picking up them one-by-one and throwing them out of leaves.

A row cover is my option for the next season,which can prevent butterflies from laying eggs.

I launched my blog about my garden a few days ago.I'm very happy to exchange knowledges each other.

Getty said...

Thanks for your comments Takaeko. Good luck with your new garden blog. I love the picture of your eggplant, looks delicious.