Monday, August 2, 2010

Many Ways to Love a Garden

This weekend I had a glorious three hours in the garden all by myself - no kids, no dog - just me and the garden.  I loved not rushing to beat the dreaded "can we go now".  It's not that my kids don't love the garden, it's just that we experience the garden very differently.

They love a two minute romp through the garden to point out how much things have changed and what critters they can spot.  I love a two hour sojourn where I can lose myself in tending to all aspects of gardening.

They love to pick and eat a little bit of everything - peas, beans, carrots, dill, green onions, etc.  I love to pick every bush clean until I have bushels of vegetables for several suppers to come.

They love to go play under the big maple tree.  I love to stay in the garden just a "few more minutes".

I am learning that there are many ways to love a garden.  My greatest wish is that they will continue to love it - in someway - their entire life.
Melanie was thrilled to pull the family's biggest beet out of her plot.
Aidan counted 13 potatoes.
Helping the bees with pollinating the pumpkins.

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Anonymous said...

I wish all kids could grow up with this experience. Heck I wish I did!