Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Plight of Late Blight

It was a sad day in the garden.  There is no doubt, we have late blight in our tomatoes and probably also on our potatoes.

As you can see, late blight doesn't just affect the stems and leaves, it also affects the fruit.  Sometimes, if the spores remain, even green tomatoes without any obvious signs will turn brown once taken off the vine.

For more information check out this article from BC Agriculture.

I couldn't bring myself to pull out all the plants and dispose of them (as recommended).  Instead, I pruned and cleared away as much as I could, hoping to harvest at least some tomatoes.  I bagged what I could and put it in the garbage to avoid spreading the disease through the compost.


maggie said...

Hi: Do you know of any garden spots available in the Whyte Ridge area? We had a garden in River Heights with a family member for about 5 years but it is not available. Also interested in the fruit share program. maggie

Getty Stewart said...

Hi Maggie,
Try calling the city to inquire about gardening societies that they rent land to. In the South Osborne area there is also a Garden Share program where people with garden space share with interested gardeners -

To sign up for Fruit Share please provide your contact info on the volunteer form at

Thanks and good luck!