Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Corn

I still remember my first corn on the cob.  It was the summer of 1977 and my family had just immigrated from Germany.  In that first summer, our new friends and neighbours offered us some of their home grown corn.  My mom, while very polite and gracious, was silently aghast at the thought of eating cattle feed.  My parents had been growing corn in Germany their entire life - they knew corn was strictly for the animals.

Imagine our surprise when we took that first bite of a sweet, golden cob of corn glistening with melted butter. It made the move to Canada even sweeter!  We've been growing and enjoying sweet corn ever since.

Now, it's time to harvest this year's crop.

We planted three varieties as explained in an earlier post.
  • Canadian Early Supersweet Hybrid F1 on May 19 - matures in 65-70 days
  • Peaches and Cream Bicolour SE on May 21 - matures in 72 days
  • Honey and Cream Bicolour SE on May 27 - matures in 70-75 days
So far, we've had the Canadian Early Supersweet Hybrid and the Peaches and Cream Bicolour.  While we really like the look of the peaches and cream, we all agree that the Supersweet Hybrid is our favourite.  It truly is super sweet. Although, we wouldn't call the Peaches and Cream cattle feed!

Our staggered seeding seems to have worked.  The Honey and Cream corn will be another 5 days or so until it's ready to eat.

We took the risk of cross-pollination by planting the different corn varieties right next to each other.  That doesn't seem to have had a negative result this year.  However, we did plant our rows too close together.  It's difficult to get  in between the rows and the cobs in the center aren't developing as nicely as the ones the outer rows.

Note to Self: Leave recommended space between rows!

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