Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food Safety Quiz

My friend and fellow Home Economist, Joshua Lockhart recently posted a quiz on Food Safety at home.

Along with teaching our kids where food comes from and how to cook it, it's also important to pass on lessons about food safety. But first, we need to be confident in our own knowledge. Check out the quiz and see how well you fare.

Notes on Parenting: Food Safety Quiz

The original source of the Food Safety Quiz came from the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter, March 2006.  It was reposted on as well.


takaeko said...

In Osaka temperature is getting cool at last and allows us to plant young plants of Chinese cabbage for the first preparation of winter vegetables.
This year's winter are forecasted to be "severely cold" and Nabe (a hot stew in a pot) is "a must"!!

Getty said...

Hi Takaeko,
Thanks for the update from Osaka. As of October 1, we have to be out of our garden plots for plowing. We won't be growing any fall/winter veggies.