Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new freezer

Some women get excited about shoes, jewelery or the latest fashions. I get excited about freezers.  Maybe, just maybe, I need to get out more!

But... check out my new 16.7 cubic feet upright freezer and tell me you don't love it!
No more freezer diving expeditions for us!  Now, even my children and husband can just open the door and find whatever we need.  There's one shelf for breads, one shelf for cider (we're relocating the rest to our small chest freezer), one shelf for veggies, one shelf for fruit, a basket for meat and door racks for ice cream, pizzas and other store bought stuff.

In case you're thinking of a new freezer, be aware that upright freezers are great for organization purposes but they're actually less energy efficient and store less than the same size chest freezer.  And, while the actual footprint of the freezer is smaller, you need a lot of clearance in front of the freezer to be able to open that big door.  But, as long as you're good with all that, they're pretty awesome!

Curious about all that frozen apple cider?  Check out the story on FruitShare.

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