Friday, October 1, 2010

The Final Harvest 2010

Yesterday was the final harvest at our community plot for 2010.  Here was our final haul:

Dried beans
The scarlett runner beans (the big pods), the green bush beans and the royal burgundy bush beans all had these dried pods.  We collected them for both seed for next year and for dried bean recipes.  This is the first time we'll cook with dried beans from the garden.  Right now we've got some of the dried beans in the crock pot for our version of Cajun Red Beans and Rice (they're not red beans, we don't have any ham and we'll probably use cavena nuda but other than that we'll follow the recipe - well sort of).  You'll know if it works out by whether or not I post the recipe!

Celery and cabbage
Apparently, you can blanch and freeze celery.  Judging by the amount of celery Melanie grew, we're going to have to try out that technique.

We weren't the only ones to harvest our leeks - the night time garden robbers helped themselves to some as well.  Maybe they'll share a recipe with us!  We're considering putting up a sign in our garden next year "Please pick 5 weeds for every veggie you take!"

As for an example of a recipe that I didn't post - Leek, Potato and Purple Carrot Soup.  What started off as a well intentioned idea to use up all the things we hauled from the garden one day, turned into a very visually unappealing soup.  The taste was good, but just imagine the colour you get when blending green, cream, purple and orange.  Oops! We'll have to try Leek and Potato soup (sans carrots) again.

Carrots - yes, more carrots!
Have I mentioned what an amazing year for carrots this has been?!  Here's the last batch of carrots we dug up.  The carrot/rhubarb cake I made last week was OK, but not good enough to share.  Still experimenting on that one too!

A hollowed out, mouse house
 And finally, we had to bring this zucchini home for show and tell.  The family of mice that were living underneath our zucchinis did an amazing job on this zucchini.  There were two holes on one end and the inside was completely hollowed out.  Pretty impressive, if you can get passed the fact that there was a family of mice running around our garden.

Well, that's it.  All in all, an amazing, bountiful and delicious gardening year.  I can't even fathom having to buy fresh veggies from the grocery store again.  Store bought tomatoes?!  It's going to be a long winter!!!

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