Saturday, October 2, 2010

Preparation for 2011

The veggies are all gone, but there is still some work to do at the garden.

Now's a good time to prepare the soil for next year.  Last fall, we added compost manure to our plot, this year we chose to add a 4 way soil mix.  It's a mix of top soil, compost manure, peat and sand.  We hope it will lighten the clay and add vital nutrients to our heavy clay soil.  Five yards is a lot to shovel, but only adds about 1 1/2 inches of depth  in our 30x40 plot.  Once that gets turned over by the plow, it will seem minimal, but if we keep at it every year and if we add some of our own compost, I'm sure it'll give our veggies a boost.

After the plowing is done, we'll plant some garlic and even some strawberry plants given to us by a gardening neighbour.  Apparently she's had great success, despite having to remove the plants for a few days each year while the plots get plowed.  

Until then, we've got our work cut out trying to store, freeze and use all those veggies stashed in our garage.
The last day
Melanie's cosmos on the last day

Mars eagerly (but thankfully, not successfully) digging for mice 

5 yards of 4 way soil mix

An hour later, the plot is ready for plowing.

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