Monday, October 4, 2010

Scarlett Runner Beans

Scarlett Runner Beans
This is the third year that we've planted scarlett runner beans (year 2 and 3 were from dried seeds collected from year 1).  We've always admired the beautiful red (I mean, scarlett) flowers that they produce in huge abundance, but we've never actually ate the beans - until this year.

What a wonderful surprise to discover they are as tasty as they are beautiful.  Not to mention that they attract beneficial pollinators for other plants in the garden and they provided a great canopy (8 feet high) for Mars on those hot, sunny days.
A great spot for Mars.

We only picked the tender beans, some as long as 10 inches!

Using this french bean slicer was great for these big beans.
Boil for 5 minutes to stop any enzyme action.

Cool in ice cold water, drain and use in your favourite recipe or freeze
And, check out the great dried beans that we collected at the end of September.

We know they're good as seed for next year, but we haven't tried cooking with them - yet.  We'll see how our experiment with the dried bush beans goes first.

I wonder if we could turn these into edible jewellery?

Do you have a favourite dried bean recipe we could try?

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