Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's time!

It's time to check on the garden and see what's going on.  

The quack grass and dandelions are already up!

A wee little spinach seedling.

The garlic from last fall is popping up.
Our teepee/bean trellis sprouted this afternoon too!
 Soon we'll be digging up a storm and seeding some of our cool weather favourites.

Meanwhile, up at the house, things are progressing as well. The spinach in the outdoor planter next to the house is coming up.  If you look really close, you can see at least two little sprouts just coming out of the dirt. 

The leek seedlings are about 4-6 inches high.  I've set them outside to harden them off a little bit. They need to get used to life on the outside where there is sun, wind, and major temperature fluctuations.  A slow gentle introduction is ideal.  By next week they should be ready for the garden.  

Whoo Hoo!  It's gardening time.


WolfSong said...

I think this weekend will see my carrot and beet seeds going in. Last few years I had them in before the end of April and we've had stellar crops. The carrots germinate so much better in cooler conditions-in my experience anyways.

I started some cabbages inside, and can't wait to get them outside into the garden. I'll sow some directly into the garden as well-likely at the same time as carrots-just to see which way works out best. That way, Ill know next year what should be started inside and what can just start outside. Stupid limited space. :)

I am just happy that spring seems to finally be here.

Getty Stewart said...

I've never tried seeding cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli directly into the garden. Have you tried it before? Does anyone have experience to share on this?

WolfSong said...

I bought "Golden Cross" cabbage seeds from T and T, and the package says I can "seed outdoors as soon as weather and soil conditions permit". They are supposed to be a short season cabbage(40 days). I've never grown cabbage before, so this is a new one for me, but since I just learned the joys of home made sauerkraut, I had to try growing them.

Broccoli we did one year, and seeded it right into the garden. It was a package from the Dollarama and grew like crazy! I had so much broccoli to use it was unbelievable, and we had grated stems in *everything*. That was also the year I learned about cabbage butterflies not being so pretty to see in the yard. ;)

Getty Stewart said...

I highly recommend a floating row cover for all crucifers. I got mine at Lee Valley last year for about $20 and it saved my Kohlrabi, broccoli and cabbage. Put it on early to protect from flea beetles and cabbage butterfly caterpillars.