Saturday, April 16, 2011

Planning the Garden

How are your garden plans coming along?

We have our drawing, our seed list and now, we have a one-stop planting chart specifically for our Zone2b garden - Veggie Delight Planting Chart.

We are not expert gardeners by any stretch of the imagination.  Every year, I have to try to figure out which veggies can tolerate frost and which ones don't so I know the earliest time possible to get them in the ground (impatient?- maybe, eager? - definitely!).   And, now that we're starting to save some of our own seed, I can't just follow the instructions on a seed pack - I need to look up seeding instructions.  I also needed to figure out what to start indoors and when.  So, based on the various sources that I usually get my info from, I decided to develop our very own planting chart for the veggies that we grow here in Winnipeg.
The chart is definitely geared towards the early gardener and pushes the limit of when you can plant/seed things in the garden - so be ware!!  But, that's exactly what I wanted to know - when is the earliest I can plant veggies.  It also gives info about spacing, depth, maturity, when to start indoors, and any other special info about a particular plant.

My goal is to add columns that show when I actually plant and harvest my veggies and anything particular that I want to note about a plant variety.  Ideally, over time, this should become a pretty handy reference - if I actually jot things down.

Would you find a chart like this useful?  Do you have plant varieties you'd like to add?

I thought it might be neat to make this chart available as a Google Doc that anyone with internet access can use and add information to.  Will it work?  Will fellow Manitoba gardeners add to the list?  Or, will someone sabotage the list and have us planting sugar cane in April?  There's only one way to find out.

Here's the chart.  Veggie Delight Planting Chart

Hope it's helpful and that you'll consider adding to it.

In case this version of the chart does get a little wonky, an original picture version can be viewed in the Plant Chart tab at the top of this blog.


Erin said...

Thank's so much for making this available and for bringing together all the information in one place. We're getting ready for our first veg garden and this will be an enormous help.

Getty said...

Good luck on your first garden, Erin! Keep us posted on how things go.

Christine said...

I've been wondering how to put it all down in a chart. That is such a great idea! Thank you!