Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pest Control

Are critters getting your veggies?

We've had a host of little visitors in our veggies.  The main culprits at the garden right now are cutworms, flea beetles and potato beetles.  Up at the house the bunnies are getting just about everything.  And, a friend has reported signs of cabbage moth caterpillars.

It's time to take protective measures.

For cutworms, protective collars made from coffee cans or plastic containers works very well - if you don't trap baby cutworms inside of the collar like I did with this ground cherry.

trapped cutworm got the ground cherry inside the protective collar
My gardening neighbour uses plastic edging to protect his row crops (onions, beans, beets)
For flea beetles (wee little shiny black beetles that jump when you get near), root maggot flies (gross, I know!) and cabbage moth caterpillars (green worms) a floating row cover (I got mine last year at Lee Valley) does a good job.  If you've had issues in previous years, anticipate that they'll be back and put the row cover on before you see signs of damage.
Floating row cover over cabbage/broccoli, kohlrabi 
We're still trying to figure out what to do about those bunnies.  We've put netting around some spots, but there's only so much netting I want in my yard.  We'll sacrifice a few plants and put some in planters.  Lettuce, beets, swiss chard, cabbage, parsley seem to be the favorite snack.  They don't seem very fond of Johnny Jump Ups, garlic, chives, rosemary, thyme, sage, broad beans and ground cherries.
plants that have survived the bunnies
Do you have critter issues?  What are you doing about them?


Anonymous said...

Try human hair from your next haircut (or from the local barber) to keep bunnies away.

Anonymous said...

To repel rabbits, I sprinkled cayenne pepper on my pea plants (and other plants they were eating). Some of the feral rabbits around here (whose numbers are increasing each year)are now coming into our back yard where we have our vegetable garden. What I'd really like to do is trap one and then cook it for dinner.

Dreatori Alexis said...

Try to plant your flowers first in Hydroponics then when it's old enough you can transfer it to the ground.

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