Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Planning for a Freezer Full?

Freezing veggies is by far my favourite method of keeping our garden goodies over the winter.  Last summer, we even bought a new freezer to accommodate all of our fruits, veggies and Manitoba raised meat.

If you're thinking about replacing an old fridge or freezer, you might be interested to know Manitoba Hydro has just announced a new Refrigerator Retirement Program that offers $40 for every old fridge or freezer retired.
Here are some highlights from Hydro's press release.

Manitoba Hydro residential customers can now save energy and money by getting rid of their old, working second refrigerators. The Power Smart Refrigerator Retirement Program pays Manitoba Hydro customers $40 for a working refrigerator 15 years or older, including free in-home pick up.

Homeowners with fridges over 15 years old can call 1-8-555-FRIDGE (1-855-537-4343) or visit www.retiremyfridge.ca to book an appointment. A maximum of three appliances per residence will be picked up. The first appliance must be a fridge; the second and third appliances can be fridges and/or freezers. The program ensures that the fridge will be recycled in the most environmentally responsible way, resulting in less than 5% ending up at a landfill.

If you've been thinking about replacing that old fridge or freezer, now may be the perfect time!

Thanks to my friend Kathryn for the heads up.

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