Friday, June 10, 2011

Planting is Done

We did it.  Everything we wanted to plant is now in the ground.  Yeah!
Melanie planting beans - with safety helmet, cause you never know:)
The kids and I put in our beans last night.  We put them in late to try to accommodate our holiday schedule.  We'd like to harvest them in August instead of July - we'll see if it works.  I've never actually been so methodical as to plant based on a preferred harvest date.  I've always just planted when the soil and temperature were ready.  It seems like I'm tempting fate by trying to plan the harvest.  I hope Mother Nature doesn't mind!

Now all we need to do is weed, water and wait - the three W's of gardening.  Although, Aidan was checking out the strawberries and he doesn't think we'll have to wait for long!

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