Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's Up in the Garden

It's June 6th.  Temps have been a little cooler than normal.  We've had a week of on and off again rain and it looks like we're in for some more.

Today, I did some more planting.
Corn - see How We Plant Corn
Tomatoes - see How We Plant Tomatoes
Scarlet Runner Beans - placed seeds about 1/2 inch deep 2 inches apart around the teepee structure
Beets - placed seeds 1/2-1 inch deep in a row 3 inches apart covered with soil and watered

Compared to last year at about this time, things are just a little bit smaller - see What's Up in the Garden.  I haven't even planted the beans yet and they were at least 4 inches high last year at this time.  That will be on my To Do List on the next sunny day.

Reading through last's year blog reminds me that I should put up the floating row cover over the cabbage patch and the tomato cages around my tomatoes.

Here's what things look like:
peppers and tomatoes
strawberries! (new this year)
corn, staggered planting first batch 2 inches high next batch just seeded

Melanie's celery, radishes and flower patch - notice line of death between the kids' gardens
little green carrot sprouts
cabbage patch

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Becky said...

I planted my tomatoes June 6th too! I was tickled to read that. I've added a column to the planning spreadsheet you posted with my plantings and dates, I really appreciate you putting that up, as well as all your news and photos on the blog. I am always searching for more hints and tips for growing veggies in Manitoba.

Thank you,