Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wings lays eggs!

On Thursday, my daughter brought home an injured black swallowtail butterfly named Wings.  We built a screen enclosure for it outside.  After finding out the correct type of butterfly and realizing they prefer dill and parsley, we quickly added the proper plants to the enclosure.

This morning we watched as Wings laid her eggs on one of the baby dill plants.  Very cool!  I must admit, I wasn't holding out much hope for poor Wings.  Now, we're very excited to see what will happen to all those eggs.
black swallowtail butterfly eggs on baby dill 4-8 days 'til a caterpillar emerges
From what I've seen, it is not typical to lay such a huge cluster of eggs, but it was the only dill we had at the time and the parsley didn't seem to transplant very well.  We've since added some more dill plants. Hopefully, we'll see a few caterpillars around July 1.

Here are some links we've found on black swallowtail butterflies:

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Anonymous said...

Cool, that's so awesome!! The caterpillars are so much fun to watch. I can't wait!