Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catterpillars on Our Cabbage

Just before we left for Camp Wasaga (world's best family camp, in case I forgot to mention that last time!), I decided to see how things were going underneath our row cover - designed to protect our cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower from caterpillars, flea beetles and root flies.  

You can imagine my dismay when I found these green cabbage moth caterpillars on nibbling on our red cabbage.  Errgh!  Does this mean the row cover doesn't work?  

I wouldn't go that far.  I think, we probably need to seal the edges more carefully and count our blessings.  After all, without the row cover there would probably be many, many more pests eating our crucifers.  I'm still happy with the row cover and expect to have a bounty of cabbage and broccoli this summer.

And, yes, we are two faced.  We love swallowtail and monarch caterpillars, but feel quite differently about things that eat our veggies.  

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