Friday, July 15, 2011

Drying Basil

Lemon Basil, Sweet Basil, Purple Rubin Basil
Purple Rubin and Magical Michael Basil
Our basil has really taken off this summer.  They're just at the right size for the first harvest.  Usually, I pick off leaves as I need them, but we have a lot of basil and I'm away for a while, so it's time to save it.  Dill and cilantro work best frozen, basil, however, I like to dry.  I know it can be frozen and some of my friends do it quite successfully, but I like drying basil.

Basil actually likes to be "pruned" and will grow back even bushier when cut.  By cutting them back, you'll actually be able to have several good harvests throughout the summer, as long as conditions are ideal - water and sun.  Cut basil just above the bottom two sets of leaves.
cut just above bottom set of leaves
after pruning, now you can see the red leaf lettuce
sweet basil, purple rubin, magical michael, lemon basil
four bundles
drying in the garage - dry and dark
Would love to know your preferred method of preserving basil and of course any recipes.

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