Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gone to Camp

I’m sitting at a picnic table overlooking the crystal clear blue waters of Clear Lake.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my kids are running around getting dirty and making new friends.  Behind me is the much loved Dining Hall where our breakfast is being prepared.  We’re at Camp Wasaga, a family camp in Riding Mountain National Park that we’ve been attending as campers for nine years.  This year, we’re not just campers, we’re staff.  For the month of July, I’ll be the Camp Naturalist leading hikes and bike trips throughout the park and sharing information about the Park history, geography, animal and plant life.  The kids attend the programming offered by the counselors and also help as “junior naturalists” now and then.   It’s a great summer job for all of us.

But, what about the garden?!

No worries, between Darryl (poor guy has to stay in the City to work) and our friends, our garden will be just fine. 

And, what about the blog?!

No need to worry about that either, you’re still going to get great gardening information all summer long, thanks to two great friends.   Leanne and Dennis share my passion and love for gardening and fresh food.  I know you’re going to enjoy and appreciate reading their blog entries as they share their backyard gardening experiences, thoughts and ideas.

In fact, Leanne’s first post is coming right up.  Enjoy!

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