Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mystery Plant

Here's a plant growing in our garden that we're not familiar with.  Do you know what this is and most importantly, is it edible? 

There have been a few sprouting up at the garden and around the house. I've been pulling out most of them, but despite Aidan's recommendation to "yank it" I thought we'd let this one mature to see what it looks like.


Anonymous said...

I'm not having any luck opening the photo.

gypsysmom said...

It looks like it could be some type of basil. Do the leaves smell?

Anonymous said...

I'm no expert but it looks a lot like young pokeweed. If it is pokeweed it can be very poisonous, only the new shoots can be eaten if they're not tinged red, too risky. It's also listed in the Noxious Weeds Act

If you want to be sure of what it is before you pull it out then wait to see what the flowers(?) do. If you get a cluster of dark berries then I'm right and it's pokeweed.

Getty Stewart said...

Guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks for your comments.