Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Growing Cauliflower

I'm stumped.  It's mid August and my cauliflower remains headless.  What gives?
Headless Cauliflower
This is not the first year that this has happened either.  It seems I cannot grow a beautiful white head of cabbage.  Last year, I had a wee little curd that I diligently covered with the surrounding leaves so it would stay nice and white.  It never amounted to much.  The years before that, my cauliflower plants didn't grow much bigger than the size I planted them.  This year, I have nice leafy plants, but no head.  I have a friend who asked me about the same condition earlier on in the summer and my advice was just wait.  

Will the head still come?  Is it too late in the season?  Has my no watering plan caused this headless disaster?  Does anyone know?

As for the rest of my cabbage patch, it's looking pretty good.  The floating row cover that we've had on since spring did a great job of protecting our plants from flea beetles and root maggots.  However, it didn't do so well in keeping away the cabbage moths.  In fact, I think it trapped more inside of it than it kept out!  This weekend, I took it off and released the moths trapped inside.  Our cabbages are now fully exposed.  We'll see how things go.  Perhaps I'll be harvesting my cabbage fairly soon.
Row Cover over the cabbage patch in June 
Cabbage patch in August - getting rid of the row cover

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Becky said...

My broccoli and cabbage are all small and headless - I think my neighbour's tall trees to the east of my garden are creating too much shade. :(