Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Isn't it the cutest little head of cauliflower you ever did see?!

This spring I planted six cauliflower transplants from my basement green house.  The plants came in strong and healthy, but by mid summer all I had was leaves.  It was clear there wasn't going to be any cauliflower this year.  By mid August, I pulled three of the plants but decided to leave three just to see what might happen.

Finally, at the beginning of September I noticed a head starting to form on one of them. Sadly, it only had a couple of weeks to fill out.  Cold temperatures, heavy frost and the plowing under of the gardens (Sept 30) means this little guy didn't have a chance.  

What happened?
I'm guessing that lack of water during a dry, hot summer were probably the culprits.  I know that plants need sufficient water, sun and nutrients in order to produce well.  I suspect our cauliflower got the nutrients and sun it needed, hence the lovely foliage, but not enough water to be able to produce a head.  That's what I get for not watering the garden!

We shared our cauliflower at supper last night.  As pretty as it looks, it had a very sharp, spicy taste.  It was as if all the cauliflower flavour of a 10 inch head was concentrated in each morsel - a little overwhelming to say the least.

Oh well, at least now we know.

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