Monday, September 19, 2011

Storing and Ripening Tomatoes

I've gathered a few tomatoes!  How about you?
ripe or almost ripe ones on the counter
green ones in the basement
Now what?  I want a steady supply of red tomatoes for salads and sandwiches for as long as possible.  So, I don't want them all to ripen really fast.  I would also like make another batch of salsa or frozen tomatoes.  In other words, I want some to ripen slowly and to keep for as long as possible and some to ripen at the same time.

Warm room temperatures, light and being with other fruits like bananas or apples (that give off ethylene gas) will ripen tomatoes quickly.  So, those tomatoes on the counter are good prospects for salsa, soup or batches of something.

Cool, dark conditions are better for long term storage.  Last year, I described in more detail how to store tomatoes.

As you can see, one of our boxes of green tomatoes is several layers deep.  I know that if I want to increase my rate of successful storage and ripening, I better get another box or two and spread them out.  And, I may also try wrapping some of the big ones in newspaper to see if I can store them even longer.

I'm curious to find out when we'll be eating our last garden grown tomato.

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