Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garden Plans 2012

It's time to make some plans.  Gardening Saturday is this weekend and I want to be prepared so I know what seeds to buy and what questions to ask.

After sketching out our 30x 40 garden plot, considering planting companions (e.g. onions and carrots go together well to help control carrot flies), ensuring plant rotation and leaving a little space for the kids, I came up with the above plan.  Compare this to the one from last year - Garden Plans 2011.

Notice that I've split our plot into 4 quadrants.  This makes it easy to rotate my crops, which helps control weeds, disease, soil nutrients and pests at least a tiny bit (and every bit helps).   Basically, I just move all the same things from one quadrant into the next quadrant.  In 4 years, the zucchini and pumpkins will be back in the same quadrant. The circle in the middle is where the teepee goes - it provides our dog a shady spot, allows me to keep a few odds and ends down at the plot and is great for scarlet runner beans.

All those Gs in the back refers to the garlic I planted in the fall.

This was the first year I used grid paper to draw my plans.  It made it really easy to estimate how much space I'll need for all the things I want to plant.  Of course, things never work out exactly as planned, but a sketch like this helps me to stay focused on an overall course of action.

Now that my plan is done, I went to the handy dandy planting chart I created last year (also see top bar of this blog - When to Plant or see last year's blog post Planning the Garden). The chart tells me what I need to plant, when and whether to start indoors or seed directly into the garden.

I know that peppers, leeks, tomatoes are things I need to think about right away.  Am I going to start seedlings or am I going to get them from the garden store?  If I'm going to start seedlings - this is the week to do it!

Having looked through my seed box, I also know which seeds I need to buy.

Planning is done, next step buying seeds and starting seedlings. 

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