Monday, March 26, 2012

A Fruitful Winter

My life has been taken over by fruit.  Usually, I would be pouring over seed catalogues and planning my garden layout since January but this year, all my attention has been focused on finishing the Prairie Fruit Cookbook (click for a preview).

I am happy to say, the recipe testing and writing are finished!  The book is currently at the printers.  A limited number of copies will be available this weekend at Gardening Saturday - the rest will be available for the book launch at McNally Robinson's on April 30, 2012.

This book started out as a 40 page booklet on where and how to donate backyard fruit in Winnipeg.  It was going to include a couple of recipes and preserving ideas.  That was the plan in April 2011.  Things turned out a little differently.

The book has turned into a 226 page reference guide/cookbook that includes over 150 tested recipes and preserving techniques with colour photos throughout.  For each of the nine prairie fruit chapters, it covers how to identify, harvest, store, and share that fruit.  From apple pie to chai plum jam to fruit leather, it is a one-stop resource.

The battle for my time this spring will be between the garden, Fruit Share and promoting the Prairie Fruit Cookbook (of course my family gets a little of my time too!).  Will I be able to resist the lure digging in rich black earth under a golden sun?

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