Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Last Onion

Yesterday marked the end of fresh produce from my 2011 garden.  Although, can I really call 6 month old squash and onions "fresh"?  Maybe fresh is not the right word - but you know what I mean - not processed, as in having been stored in my basement since the harvest.

Either way, I made a batch of butternut squash soup last night with our last butternut and our last onions.  The squash was just a little soft, but it worked beautifully in the soup.  Even the kids liked it!

It is definitely time to play in the garden and get ready for May planting.  In fact, you can already get started on planting a few cold hardy plants.

Cold Weather Crops
swiss chard

For more information about when to plant, check out last year's blog post on the topic When to Plant and don't forget the handy dandy planting chart at the top of this blog.

Right now, it seems my life has been taken over by fruit.  Once the Prairie Fruit Book is launched, I'll start concentrating on growing some fine prairie veggies!

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