Monday, May 21, 2012


Our strawberries are caged. It's for their own good, but they're trying to break free none the less.

The corn, sunflowers and peas I planted in our backyard have received similar treatment.  Moments after the seeds have been sowed, I drape them in netting.
Growing fruits and veggies in our backyard provides different challenges than the garden plots.  In the wide open span of the gardens, rabbits and squirrels are not an issue - probably because there are birds of prey watching and waiting in the trees next to the river.  In the backyard, they hop, jump and scurry from one tasty treat to the next, confident in their ability to find cover when necessary.  They, along with various birds, eat tender young shoots, steal seeds right out of the ground and feast on lovely strawberries.

You would think Mars, our dog who tears around the back yard, would be deterrent enough.  But no, he'd much rather chase a ball or stick than defend our yard from these vegetarian predators.  Hmph!

Looks like netting and chicken wire are my only line of defense.  Let's hope it works.

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Anonymous said...

That dog is a confirmed wimp!