Sunday, May 6, 2012

Digging for Roots

I finally managed to get a little garden time in yesterday.  While it wasn't quite the joyous planting frenzy I had hoped, it was great to be outside and chat with some of my gardening neighbours.

I spent most of my time digging for quack grass roots.  Can you believe it took me 2 hours just to dig up this little patch!?  I know that if I'm going to win back this little corner, I've got to get every bit of root.  When it comes to quack grass, there is no short cut.  To me, it's the worst of all garden chores.
Last year, I wrote a post describing a little more about what quack grass or crab grass is.  I described some other methods of trying to control quack grass.  I've been observing the results of these methods being used throughout the gardens - it seems to me that they're not nearly as effective as digging out ALL the roots in spring.

I even saw one person try to burn them off with a blow torch - yes, us wild and crazy gardeners will go to any lengths to destroy quack grass!  While it was quite an impressive sight, the results were no more effective than those mentioned in last year's post.

And so, I will take another two hours one day and finish digging for roots.

But, there are always good things that happen in the garden as well.  My friend, Ted, asked if I'd be interested in his garlic.  I thanked him and proudly boasted (we're allowed to do that amongst us gardeners) about how the garlic I planted last fall was already up and growing.  See...
He explained in an equally proud manner that  this wasn't just any garlic, this was super, special, amazingly huge garlic that he'd been planting for years.  Well, how could I refuse super garlic?!  When he passed several cloves to me, I was stunned.  Look at the size of these cloves!

And no, he was very clear that this was not "elephant garlic" - just a large type of garlic.  Either way, I was thrilled that he shared some with me and was excited to plant these babies.  OMG - can you imagine roasting a head of this garlic?  Call over some friends and have a party!

Even with a stubborn patch of quack grass to deal with - I love gardening!


Janet said...

Hello - I am a new gardener in Winnipeg I look forward to reading your blog! I bought a house with a gravel (south) backyard so my season will be spent building a garden rather than tending one. Still there is the excitment of creating something new. :-)

Janet in Elmwod

Getty Stewart said...

Good luck Janet and thanks for joining us on the blog.