Friday, May 4, 2012

Seeding Between the Rain

I am grateful for the rain.  Really, I am, the soil desperately needed some moisture.  But ideally, some of my seed would already be in the ground so that it could take advantage of these rains.  Perhaps this weekend, I'll be able to sneak in a few carrot seeds, onions and leeks between the rain.

It will depend on the soil.  The last thing the garden needs is for me to be compacting the soil. If I stomp and muck around when it's too wet, I'll be creating tight clumps of soil that will turn into adobe bricks when they dry.  Clay bricks are great for building houses - horrible for growing plants.  So, I'll just have to see what the weather does this weekend.

I will know to stay out of the garden if the soil clings to the bottom of my shoes or stays in a clump when I take a handful and squeeze.  If it doesn't, I can't wait to get digging.

Meanwhile, here's what's growing in my basement:
Warning: some of the following photos may be disturbing to some viewers.  There is no nudity or coarse language, but there are signs of neglect and abuse.
Oregano & Spearmint
Dried up oregano
Dead cilantro, chives, oregano
The basil, leeks, spearmint and some of my oregano is doing great.  Some of the other herbs - not so much.

Why are there dead herbs in my basement?  A combination of neglect and poor planning.

My time and energy has been consumed by fruit!  My poor veggies and herbs have taken a back seat as I've been working on Fruit Share and the Prairie Fruit Cookbook.  Sometimes, I just don't get down to the basement - sad, but true.

As for poor planning, it turns out I seeded things that I didn't really need or seeded way too much.  Take chives for example.  I have at least 10 different clumps of chives growing in my yard right now - I really didn't need to grow any more chives - not sure what I was thinking there.  I've even been giving away chive plants as presents - yes, I'm that cheap!

Same is true for oregano and cilantro.  They're both growing back from last year and both grow like weeds without any work at all.  And, the seed took so well, that if I do want some extra, I have plenty. So, because I wasn't really motivated to grow the best chives, oregano and cilantro ever and I've had very little time - I have dead plants in my basement.

Next time, I'll try to plan a little more carefully.


Anonymous said...

loving your blog. getting inspired to plant my own, first, garden this year!

Getty Stewart said...

Good luck - you'll be amazed and thrilled, I'm sure.

ken said...

whoa! your oregano will overwinter? I wonder if it could do that in my wee raised bed? This spring has me wishing for (last) fall planted onions and garlic, so I'm definitely going to try that this fall. I've always assumed raised beds would not insulate sufficiently against our usually cold wpg winters.....

just found your blog while looking for info on allium planting... thanks for sharing!

I'm thinking that good gardening is bred from many years of clear hindsight. haha

Getty Stewart said...

Oregano seems to be a hit and miss. Some of it came back, some of it didn't. Since I didn't do anything to prepare it either way, I'm not sure what makes the difference.