Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring time planting

It's May 24, the official, first average frost free day.  The day when we're more likely not to get anymore frost, than we are likely to get frost.  In other words, we've got a greater than 50% chance that our bedding plants, especially tender ones like tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplants, etc aren't going to get frost damage.

It's also the rainy season.  We had rain at the beginning of the week and we're expecting more rain on the weekend.  What to do?

Having Mother Nature do the watering is always a good thing.  So, I'm taking my tray of plants and heading to the garden.

Hopefully, the ground won't be too wet from the previous rain and we'll get at least a few in before the rain that's threatening right now comes down.

Good luck to you too!


Jen said...

But Getty!!!

The weather man is calling for frost Saturday morning! I'd wait a day or 2 myself.

getty said...

Too late - they're in! I just heard about the frost warning - yikes. Guess they're right - there's a 49% chance that there will be frost after May 24. Now the question is whether or not I'll get to the garden to cover those newly planted tomatoes. Ooh the drama and suspense!

Anonymous said...

Well hopefully that was the last frost last night!
Time to transplant the tomatoes!