Thursday, June 7, 2012

Edibles in Our Walkway

Our patio and walkway, made of Roman concrete pavers, is almost as green as our lawn.

Determined to yank out some of this greenery, I noticed that a lot of the intruders are edible.  Not that I would  eat them from this particular spot - after all, we do have a dog and it is a high traffic area.  It was just an interesting observation.

All the stuff growing in the cracks of our sidewalk and patio.  The following close-ups were all taken in this one tiny area.  
Believe it or not this is lettuce, I guess it self seeded from my planters last year.

Licorice mint, another great self seeder

Chickweed, this stuff tastes like corn silk.  Try it, it really does.

Dandelion, of course.  Small and tender leaves are really just like lettuce.

 Common plantain.  Add small, tender leaves to a tossed salad.

What's growing in your cracks?!


Anonymous said...

That is incredible!

astudentgardener said...

I neverknew what common plantain was, nor that it was edible. I'll have to give it a try some time.