Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Peas and Butterflies

Fresh garden peas and a butterfly got my kids excited about the garden this week.

The peas were perfect.  A handful of these will win anyone over!
We shelled these peas and ate them straight up without cooking.  Yum!  The kids thought it was great, although chasing uncooked peas around on your plate can be a little challenging.

I know if tasty fresh peas and carrots won't draw my kids to the garden, caterpillars and butterflies will. Aidan discovered this newly hatched monarch on the ground. He sat by the carrots and held it cautiously as it dried and stretched its wings.
Did you know you can tell a male monarch from a female monarch by the two black spots on its hindwings on either side of its abdomen.  Can you see them? This is a male monarch.

More great experiences from the garden.


Anonymous said...


Love the photos and your blog. We live in Wpg too - near the Red River and have a backyard garden. I have a question, maybe you can answer it: I just noticed that my tomato plant (I started from seed) has dry, curled leaves - just today. I watered and still, they feel crinkly. Have you experienced this? What to do?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous...

A quick googling tells me that chances are the curling is from the heat. Since we've been under this intense heat wave-I'm a Wpg'er too-mine have done the same thing. If at all possible, shading them will help a little. I used cheap bamboo poles from the Dollarama, and twist ties to attach some floating row cover, and made a sun screen over my plants. Without getting hit with direct sun, they seem to be doing better.

If you don't want to go to that trouble-I admit, it was a bit of a PITA to do-regular(deep) watering will help...but not in the heat of the day! Morning or evening watering, without direct sun on the plants is best. Hope your tomatoes do well for you!