Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's Growing

It's hot, hot, hot outside.  Summer is definitely here.

Around the house, I water the plants now and then (my least favourite garden chore).  Down at the garden, our plants have to fend for themselves - there's no easy way to water down there unless you feel like hauling buckets of water from the river or jugs of water from your house.  

Luckily, this spring provided good moisture and gave our plants a great start.  I hope they'll continue to do well during this heat and that their roots are deep enough to find moisture.

So far, things are looking great.
Pea pods - days away from munching on peas
A pepper almost ready to go 
Melanie's yellow pear tomatoes only a couple of weeks until we enjoy these beauties.
Royal burgundy bush bean blossom - soon there will be beans 
One of my all time favourites - carrots
Corn - still a long way to go, but it's looking good
Bachelor buttons in full bloom (those seeds are going to spread everywhere!)
Bachelor buttons in a vase - (one way to stop the seeds from spreading)

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