Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Holy moly, there sure are a lot of tomatoes in my garden!  I'm thrilled but also a little stressed about all the tomato processing that this will mean in the weeks to come.

I was away for a good chunk of the summer; the tomatoes did not get pruned - at all. The result is a tomato jungle.
Do you see the red tomatoes?  Sometimes I don't find them until they are extremely red and ripe.
During planting season, I always seem to forget how big and bushy the plants get and sometimes don't leave enough room.  Here the cabbage is in the tomatoes, or the tomatoes are in the cabbage patch - not sure which!  
And here's a butternut squash seeking a little shade from the tomato plants.
Even though it's a jungle out there - I've never had such an amazing tomato crop.  Could it be that my careful pruning in past years has been a waste of time?  Does the dense foliage keep the soil moist despite the warm, dry summer we've been having?

I suspect I have been over zealous in my pruning efforts in the past.  Sure it makes the plants look nice and the tomatoes are easy to find - but is it worth it?!  I know I have way more tomatoes this year and hunting for tomatoes is kind of fun!

And boy oh boy, when I find them all - we're going to have some amazing salsa!


WolfSong said...

The only time I prune my plants is the first month after they go in the ground. I take off all the lower branches and prune out a few suckers...after that, well, what they do, they do-I simply encourage them to grow up stakes while bushing out. It's worked well for me, because I average around the 100 lb mark in tomatoes...I'm hoping for more this year, having increased the # of plants to 37, up from last years 24. ;)

Sara Miley said...

I'd love to have this kind of garden when I get to have my own backyard someday. It's great to go organic.