Monday, April 8, 2013

Typical Harvest Time of Prairie Vegetables

I've posted a new article on the typical harvest time of prairie vegetables on my blogsite.  There's also a quick reference chart under the Resources section that shows you when you can expect to harvest Manitoba garden veggies.

What's Going On?
Over the next little while, I will be integrating my gardening blogging into my GettyStewart site. I will continue to write gardening tips, it's just going to be housed in another place.  The gardening posts will be mixed with other content - mostly about fruit, nature, preserves, recipes,and local events focussed on food, gardening and nature.

My intent is to bring some of the content from this site over to so that it will have all the specific "how to's" that I've written over the years on this site.  I'll be transferring info over according to the seasons and what information is relevant at what time. will remain open until such time as everything has been moved over - at least until end of September.

Why the Change?
In the last few years, all the various parts of my life are converging into one.  No longer is gardening separate from my speaking and my speaking separate from my work with Fruit Share and my work with Fruit Share separate from my work with connecting people to their local environment.  All these things are what I do.  Rather than keeping separate blogs for all these things, I've decided it's time to roll them into one.

As a separate organization, Fruit Share will continue to have a separate website.

For April, I will continue to come back and post links to new gardening posts I put up at After that, all gardening info will be at the new site.

Thanks for understanding.

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