When to Plant Chart

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I have about 15 different sources that I go to for information about what plants and what varieties to grow.  I have another bunch of sources for how to start the seeds and another set of references for how to plant them in the garden.  I've decided that it is probably worthwhile to take some time and combine all that information into one chart that I can easily change and reference year after year.

Here's my plant chart for 2011.  It lists the variety of specific veggies I'm growing, how to seed them, when to seed them indoors and outdoors, etc.

I also tried to predict when the veggies might be ready to harvest based on how early they can get into the garden and their expected maturity.  I'm hoping this will give us a rough estimate for planning summer holidays.  Of course, I know that this is a very rough estimate and mother nature will have something to say about how and when the veggies will grow.

Some of these planting dates may look a little early.  I wanted to show the first possible date of planting, knowing that we can still put in seed and transplants well into June.  I probably won't put in tomatoes and peppers until the first week of June. Obviously that will impact the maturity dates shown.  As I plant, my plan is to insert the actual date of planting and see how we do at the end of the year.

Remember this chart is for Zone 2b and a first frost free date of May 24.  Depending on this year's weather and the soil temperature, you may be safer to add a week to this planting chart.